World First Procaryotic TGase (Eucaryotic Laki-Lorand Factor-Factor Xlll).


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American Society for Microbiology Vol. 175, No. 12 Cloning and Characterization of a Cluster of Genes Encoding Polypeptides Present in the Insoluble Fraction of the Spore Coat of Bacillus subtilis JIANKE ZHANG,1* PHILLIP C. FITZ-JAMES,2 AND ARTHUR I. ARONSON' Department ofBiological Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907,1 and Department of Biochemistry, University of Western Ontario Medical School, Ontario, Canada2 Received 25 January 1993/Accepted 16 April 1993
RESEARCH ARTICLE Design of a glutamine substrate tag enabling protein labelling mediated by Bacillus subtilis transg…
Gene Expression Analysis Methods and Protocols
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Nalini Raghavachari Division of Geriatrics
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The Golden Helix Inside Biotech Ventures

The Golden HelixInside Biotech VenturesArthur Kornberg
Stanford University School of Medicine "Kornberg's views on the wellsprings of scientific knowledge are embedded in a smartly written work that will reward readers in academe and industry."--Nature
"Anyone fascinated with modern science, particularly biotechnology, will appreciate this book."
"A fascinating adventure into the interworkings of the emerging biotechnology industry and its complex relationship to academic scientists."
--Leroy Hood, Univ. of Washington
"An engaging and well-written story."
--Paul Schimmel, MIT
"A fascinating book for anyone who loves science."
--Hugh D'Andrade
This candid narrative by Nobel laureate, Arthur Kornberg, chronicles the saga of a small biotech start-up, the key players, the painstaking development of the perfect product, and the forces affecting its resulting success or failure. Kornberg's razor-sharp wit and provocative opinions …

High Throughput Sequencing-Based Approaches for Gene Expression Analysis R. Raja Sekhara Reddy and M. V. Ramanujam Abstract Next-generation sequencing has emerged as the method of choice to answer fundamental questions in biology.

Chapter 4 High Throughput Sequencing-Based Approaches for Gene Expression Analysis R. Raja Sekhara Reddy and M. V. Ramanujam

Abstract Next-generation sequencing has emerged as the method of choice to answer fundamental questions in biology.

The massively parallel sequencing technology for RNA-Seq analysis enables better understanding of gene expression patterns in model and nonmodel organisms. Sequencing per se has reached the stage of commodity level while analyzing and interpreting huge amount of data has been a significant challenge. This chapter is aimed at discussing the complexities involved in sequencing and analysis, and tries to simplify sequencing based gene expression analysis. Biologists and experimental scientists were kept in mind while discussing the methods and analysis workflow. Key words RNA, RNAseq, Transcriptome, NGS, Gene expression 1 Introduction The next-generation sequencing (NGS) or high throughput DNA sequencing methods have emerged as central to answering f…

This is where and from Whom I learned Science and Scientific Freedom!!!.United the States.

Prof Dr Nirmalya Kumar, A Kellogs Business School-NorthWestern Univ. faculty, (see London Business of Economics-Talk-You Tube) in his famous 2012 TEDx talk proposedthat India innovates invisibly in all walks of Business including Pharma and Biotech out of his research findings. We embarked on a natural journey in our Company by doing a global foray on how we are perceived by the foreign MNC firms and Smaller firms in USA which are in a developedworld, that is North American Soil, European Union and Japan. US, Germany and Japan are power centers of Innovation and China is now emerging a distant second but can India survive this Global peer competition.
Our experience has been that Modern Biolog…